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Last summer my life changed forever when a little fox cub visited my urban garden whilst I was watering the lawn. I thought this might have been a one-off fascinating close-up encounter, but later the cub returned and this time brought its siblings along, and together they explored, played and turned my garden into their playground. I soon became hooked on watching and filming them daily and it was a privilege to see them grow up into confident juvenile foxes in front of my eyes over four months. It was fascinating to see their distinct personalities shine through when they interacted, totally at ease in front of my camera.

I have been completely enchanted, or as some might say ‘foxed’, by these beautiful, clever and gentle creatures. Over five months I created a 25 minutes documentary called “Foxed” out of 700 hours of mesmerizing rushes. This is the story of Freya, Faith and Me; an inter-species friendship that made me determined to look after these wild animals, whenever they may choose to visit.