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Last summer my life changed forever when a little fox cub visited my urban garden whilst I was watering the lawn. I thought this might have been a one-off fascinating close-up encounter, but later the cub returned and this time brought its siblings along, and together they explored, played and turned my garden into their playground. I soon became hooked on watching and filming them daily and it was a privilege to see them grow up into confident juvenile foxes in front of my eyes over four months. It was fascinating to see their distinct personalities shine through when they interacted, totally at ease in front of my camera.

I have been completely enchanted, or as some might say ‘foxed’, by these beautiful, clever and gentle creatures. Over five months I created a 25 minute documentary called “Foxed” out of 700 hours of mesmerizing rushes. This is the story of Freya, Faith and Me; an inter-species friendship that made me determined to look after these wild animals – that many consider “vermin” that they want to hunt, cull and kill. Foxes are under threat but my garden is their safe haven whenever they may choose to visit.

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Dora Nightingale

Dora Nightingale Film-maker

Dora Nightingale is a filmmaker with a passion for wildlife, nature and alternative lifestyles. She has travelled extensively to shoot documentaries for clients such as National Geographic. Dora spent her teenage years in a darkroom, processing her analogue photographs, has a MA in film studies and has shot over 40 short films and documentaries for TV so far. She spends her free time watching the wildlife in her garden, swimming in the sea and treasure hunting at jumble sales

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Whenever your are creating beauty you are restoring your own soul.

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I create inspirational documentaries and exciting promos that tell stories through strong narratives, stunning visuals and emotive sound-bites.

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I am a multi-disciplined media creator with a wide skillset


After two decades of creating documentaries for German TV all over the world, I am well versed in researching documentaries. From finding interesting locations to recruiting strong protagonists – I can do it all.


I have two decades of experience in directing broadcast crews in a studio or out in the field. I love working as a team but I am also a confident self-shooting director. A favourite part of directing for me is shooting interviews that will have a real impact on a film.


Self-shooting documentaries and promos is second nature to me. Having previously worked with camcorders such as the Sony PD170, I am now shooting on the Panasonic Lumix GH5. I shoot mainly hand-held reportage-style. I have been shooting films for over thirty years now.


Editing is the favourite part of the production process to me. This is when a film comes together and it is a great creative challenge to decide which shots will be used to tell the story and which end up on the cutting room floor. I have a lot of experience in offline editing and enjoy working with some of my talented colleagues who add finishing online touches such as colour grading.

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